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Frequently Asked Questions

We are so happy you are considering this course and we want you to feel that you are hanging out with your best friends through the process. We are confident it will be the most fun you have ever had learning. We are working hard to make you a raving fan so please let us know if we haven't addressed your questions from the list below. Any additional questions will be added as we go so send them to us at

How long do I have to finish the course?

Take as long as you like. The content is on-demand and you work at your own pace. This course teaches you the basics of style and professional organization. Then we help you figure out what works for you. It's a self reflective process. We don't want you to feel stressed. We want you to have fun with it and we will be supporting you and cheering you on the whole time. 

Do we have to spend a lot of money on clothes as part of this process?

You do not need to spend a dime. It's actually the opposite. We want you to reimagine your wardrobe and NOT add any new clothes until you have fully gone through the exercises and have done the work. Only when and if you determine you are missing key pieces do we suggest you make a purchase. There are many price options we can help you choose from. We also are working to save you three to four times the amount of money you have invested in this course by reducing your spending and make sure you only buy a few critical pieces that will complement your wardrobe for the foreseeable future. 

Shopping is my therapy! How am I supposed to stop?

Shopping may make you happy, but a cluttered closet full of unused clothes, which represent thousands of dollars of your hard earned money, probably doesn't. We want you to pause on the shopping so you can purge, plan, design and style yourself into a new and different happiness. No one has ever walked into their organized closet with a perfectly curated wardrobe and regretted the process and results. 

What if I need one-on-one help? 

We are happy to help you directly through the community. We are going to be hosting sessions on Facebook Live, which will be recorded and posted as bonus material on the course site. We will also be answering your posts and helping anyone who has a challenge with their closet or needs help planning an outfit. Your peers will be chiming in as well. Together, we will lift you up, provide helping hands and cheering you on. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear, how much time do you spend getting dressed, looking for clothes that fit, and shopping for a special occasion?

We will save you time by:

  • helping you purge your cluttered closet

  • showing you how to organize your wardrobe so you can shop your own closet

  • teaching you how to style fabulous outfits and have fun doing it


How often do you shop without any idea of what you need and come home to find 4-5 similar items? If you added up the cost of the clothes in your closet that you never wore or only wore once, how much money do these items cost you annually? 

We will save you well over the cost of this course by:

  • Showing you how to reinvent clothes you already own

  • Keeping you from continuing to buy items that don’t fit or flatter 

  • Teaching you how to buy with intention

  • Decreasing the cost per wear on every item in your closet


When you walk into your closet every morning, how do you feel? Do you love your outfit when you head out in the morning or attend an event? Are you ready to leave the stress and uncertainty behind? 

We will reduce your stress and increase your confidence by:

  • Teaching you how to manage your closet so you are no longer drowning in a pile of clothes 

  • Helping you identify your goals and knowing what you wear will make you look and feel confident 

  • Providing you a step-by-step action plan that is easily custom tailored to your needs

  • Offering ongoing support and guidance through our online community

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